Monday, November 24, 2008

National Australian butterfly champion, Nick D'Arcy, plead guilty to assault charges today in the beating of triathlete, Simon Cowley!

From the Sydney Morning Herald: "...Swimmer Nick D'Arcy has pleaded guilty to assaulting former Olympian Simon Cowley, an attack that led to him being axed from the Australian swimming team for the Beijing Games.

D'Arcy's lawyer, Jack Leitner, said a deal had been struck with prosecutors and his client had pleaded guilty to recklessly causing grievous bodily harm...."

Simon Cowley, 27, had five titanium plates fitted after suffering fractures to his jaw, eye socket, hard palate, cheek bone and nose in the attack in March, which occurred while D'Arcy was celebrating his selection for the [2008] Olympics. ..." [Link]

Instead he chose a bar and now perhaps jail or probation and it was all his choice!


CLay Evans said...

Tony, sometimes you are just too hard on these “kids” and your expectations. Yes, in general I think they are kids that make the Olympic teams. I was there, I know.

I am sure that Nick would trade a year or more in jail to have swum in Beijing. It is a horrible tragedy from a young kid that I am sure made the Olympics because of his emotional abilities. This time it went wrong, he did wrong. Lets feel sad for both of them. Maybe they are both victims of the aggrandizing of sports, the Olympics, being successful by media and blogs written by mortals judging what they should do and how they should act.

We see this in all sports: others pushing too hard, expecting too much and then wagging their fingers at excesses, slip ups or failures.

His punishment is so huge and it will last a lifetime. I do feel for him and his family and the lifetime suffering they are going through and of course to Simon Cowley and family.

Clay Evans
SCAQ Head Coach
Canada 72 & 76

Steve said...

"I suspect Cowley was on the ground getting kicks to the head or that D'Arcy may of used a weapon."

"So, yeah, D'Arcy is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Australian swimming but I bet you guys let him swim."

"We thank Nick D'Arcy for sending the recipe:
1) Develop arm strength through vigorous swimming and butterfly sets
2) Elevate testosterone levels with a victory at Australian Olympic trials
3) Consume 16 alcoholic beverages
4) Wait for victim to extend a hand in a congratulatory gesture
5) Throw your elbow into victim's face as hard as you can"

"This article from The Australian states that 20 screws and some plates were drilled into Cowley's face to repair it. Yeah, it was more than one punch."

Your coverage of this issue has been dissapointing.

Tony Austin said...

My coverage started out sloppy but I made a point not to hide it. I certainly updated the story enough as more and more facts became known so as to give D'Arcy the benefit of the doubt.

Ultimately it was proved that D'arcy caused massive injuries to Cowley face which D'Arcy has admitted to in a plea deal. This fight was not a self-defense issue but rather an attack after feeling somehow struck by Cowley.

I will do a better job next time and I will certainly put a leash on my opinions.