Thursday, December 11, 2008

Erik Hochstein on 'The Morning Swim Show'

Erik Hochstein interview can be viewed here: [Link]

The Morning Swim Show: Erik Hochstein, Jeff Commings Talk About New Masters World Records
December 11, 2008


Scott said...

I'm always interested to hear from former elite competitive swimmers, especially males, about their thoughts on masters swimming. I can understand where Erik's easy attitude about his masters world records would come from, but I'd like to know what prompted him to take up 'serious' competition again. How about a post about Erik as a masters swimmer Tony? How many hours a week on average does he train, what does he emphasize in his training, has he had problems mastering the submerged dolphin kick, etc? Lots of questions he could answer which would be informative to the rest of us who don't have the benefit of having him as their coach.

P.S. For the 'record' 28.01 for fifty breast is simply sick, even for a kid of thirty four ;>)

Tony Austin said...

Watching him swi from the second level is awesome. HE was last off the blocks and first when they all came up for air.