Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rijeka: 2008 European Short Course Meters Championships - New WR for Amaury Leveaux in the 50-meter free!

This was posted on You Tube an hour ago. Amaury Leveaux in a semi-final swims a 20.63! 20.48!

1 LEVEAUX Amaury FRA 20.48 NEW WR
2 BOUSQUET Frederick FRA 20.69
3 DRAGANJA Duje CRO 21.15
3 LAGUNOV Evgeny RUS 21.15
5 ORSI Marco ITA 21.32
6 FESIKOV Sergey RUS 21.42
7 NALESSO Mattia ITA 21.46
8 MURPHY Barry IRL 21.62


maly said...

his world record is 20"48 swam in the semi final , he swam 20"63 in the final.

John Craig said...

He looks clean, too. I know that being skinny doesn't guarantee not having taken any chemical enhancements, but he sure looks clean. And being 6' 8.5" is certainly an advantage.

maly said...

in france , a lot of the french national coachs were following since he was a junior swimmer because he was very talended but he had a lot of phycological problems, he comes from a difficult familly background , he lived at his coach house until 2007 where he decided to become serious about swimming and he started to see a mental coach to improuve his mind , after beijing and his 2 silver medals, he now wants to win , he is more focus on diet and he is doing more dry land . he wants to win the 50 free in london. in his many intervieu you feel that he has the same relationhip with his coach than phelps has with bob bowman. last year he said that swimming had probaly saved his life. in france , if you belong to the elite level as he does , he train in one of french national training center , you have a biological passport done by the french doping agency and is regulary tested .

Tony Austin said...

That was a very nice note. Thank you. :-)