Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Glenn Mills reviews the 'BlueSeventy' - he is impressed with its durability and speed!

Glenn Mills has reviewed his blueseventy. Glenn is pro-speedsuits, loves the blueseventy and is astonished how durable it is. Here is a snippet: : "... Whenever you spend $400 on ANY swim-related item, you want to make sure it will do certain things. 1) Make you feel better in the water. 2) Make you go FASTER in the water. 3) Last for more than a few swims.

Again, PURISTS BEWARE!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! The BlueSeventy will absolutely accomplish the first two items on my short list of three considerations. Should that be legal? Forum posts, please. :)

Item #3... "last for more than a few swims"... is a big one for many people, and I'm here to give you a report on what my BlueSeventy has been through over the past 8 months. I can hear someone already... 8 months... and the suit looks like THAT?!?!?! Read on..."

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