Monday, January 05, 2009

The 'Pearl Izumi' store in Lake Tahoe will give SCAQ blog readers mad discounts! - Go there quick!

Lauren is a reader of ours and even leaves comments from time to time. She use to coach the Texas Longhorn Masters program but now she manages a Pearl Izumi store in Lake Tahoe!

Pearl Izumi has products in many sports including cross-country skiing, triathlon, duathlon, and running. Best of all, it's athletic clothing that we all can get a mad discount on because SCAQ blog readers are the cool kids and Lauren is going to hook us up.

So, here are the rules: SCAQ blog readers get 15% off of all marked down merchandise INCLUDING $4.00 shipping to anywhere in the states!

So to prove that you are a SCAQ reader, you have to write or mention the phrase "SCAQ Blog Coupon." Lauren will give you till January 31st to buy, so hurry now.

You can see what is available here: [Link]

Pearl Izumi has been around for a long time. They have sponsored cycling teams such as the 1984 USA Olympic team and many others. So they have 'street cred.'

Here is the note she sent me:

I receive no compensation for this, nor any gifts or favors; just good will. The products are good and I can't let a discount like this go past us. Hope you enjoy.

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