Monday, February 23, 2009

Alain Bernard, Laure Manaudou, and Coralie Balmy in a group hug but who is that scary guy in the back?

It's not Jason Lezak! The headline for this French article at Pure People: "Coralie Balmy, en passe de prendre la place de... Laure Manaudou!" or Coralie Balmy, on the way to replace… Laure Manaudou!

This article sort of explains why and here is the Bablefish translation. Note, Babefish is not grammatically accurate:

"... More glamour, more powerful, more bankable and especially more… here: the swimmer Coralie Balmy has just carried out a good operation while becoming ambassadress of the Adidas mark. She joined the armada thus stars who carry already the colors of the mark to the three bands in the greatest sporting disciplines…

... Coralie Balmy is a sure value of tricolour swimming, and, therefore, a sure value… for the investors. It also presents the great interest… to continue its activity and the competition, while at the same time Laure Manaudou took a run out powder to try to regain a footing...."



guyome said...

the "scary guy" is Christophe Lebon, also from the french team in Beijing :

He's training with Alain Bernard in Antibes, with coach Franck Esposito and he's a fly specialist:
52:25 100 fly
1.56:54 200 fly

maly said...

for me laure is the best female swimmers of all time:
laure : 55 time french champion lc and sc (78 medals in all)
17 time europeen champion lc and sc (24 medals in all)
3 time world champions (6 medals)

maly said...

oops i wanted to say best french female swimmers

Tony Austin said...

She is one of the best female swimmers of all time. You got it right.

She'll come back in at least one event I bet.