Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet new swim journalist, Roland Schoeman, for 'Sport 24!'

Glenn sent this to us and he is friends with Roland and he even filmed him for Go Swim Sprint Freestyle with Roland Schoeman.

Besides being one fast swimmer, Roland Schoeman is a snappy dresser! Dig that trendy speedsuit in the photo to the right.

Snippet from Sport24:

Cape Town - Sport24 are proud to announce SA Olympic gold medallist and multiple world record holder, Roland Schoeman as our newest columnist. ..."

Read Roland's first column HERE

Here ia snippet from a fast, ad hoc, interview they did with him:

Sport24: Finally, who is the hottest woman currently in world swimming?
Roland: There’s a Finnish girl, Hanna-Maria Seppala. Got to love the Finnish swimming federation!

Schoeman’s column will feature on Sport24 every second Tuesday, starting today, and users are encouraged to leave comments. Roland has promised to respond to the ones that don’t say anything bad about his beloved [Blue] Bulls... [Rugby]


Anonymous said...

The Blue Bulls are a rugby team, not a soccer team.

Tony Austin said...

Ooops, that shows me. I will fix it now