Sunday, February 15, 2009

Libby Trickett has changed her stroke opting for a straight-arm freestyle.

Awesome photo of the master in her race, Libby swam a respectable 53.81 in the 100m free which is just shy of a second slower than her world record in the event.

I think this is a very exciting time for the sport of swimming for we are seeing swim technique "dogma" or "religious beliefs" about how a person is "suppose" to swim completely throw out the window and strokes are now evolving designed to match a particular person's body-type and/or physical abilities.

Libby [Trickett] is experimenting with her freestyle and she is liking what she is feeling. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

"... Showing a new straight-armed freestyle action, very similar to that of Sullivan and fellow training partner Andrew Lauterstein and a style rare in women's swimming, Trickett - who is currently in solid training - produced an impressive 53.81 seconds swim to comfortably win the 100-metres freestyle last night.

"It's one of the changes that 'Stolly' and I have made to my technique, and I'm really enjoying it, and so far I think it's been quite beneficial," Trickett said.

"It keeps my rhythm a lot better, it has changed my head position, as well as a bunch of other things. It feels strong and you have to be a certain type of athlete to get used to it, but so far so good and it's all been positive signs for me. I'm really happy with that swim. ..."


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John Payne said...

Hi Tony -

As always, enjoy your stuff. Had a slightly different take on Trickett's stroke change.

I think Trickett’s change in stroke mechanics are a calculated move made less on “body-type and/or physical abilities” and more on taking advantage of bleeding-edge, but controversial, swimsuit technology available to swimmers today. She and her coach are betting that some of the advantages - if not all - conveyed to swimmers by the new technology will remain in place after the upcoming FINA meetings regarding swimsuit construction.

Whole post here:

Keep up the great work!