Saturday, February 14, 2009

To say that Jeff Huegill is the new "Rocky Balboa" is an under statement!

After not competing for three years, gaining 70-pounds-plus of weight, and confronting some personal issues, Geoff Huegill has made a complete "u-turn" and has erased all of the above in just three months time.

So far he has lost 30-kilos of fat, helped kick-off a campaign against binge drinking called DrinkWise, and made his debut with a third place spot on the podium in the 50-fly LCM at the 2009 New South Wales Championships in a time of 24.03. (I am currently hitting the refresh button often to see how he did in the 100-fly LCM.)

From the Herald Sun:
After making his first podium in three years with a third in the final of the 50m butterfly at the NSW Open, Huegill spoke of his dream to return to swimming's biggest stage at the 2012 London Olympics.

"It would mean more than any of the other Olympics (2000, 2004)," Huegill, 29, said.

"I am willing to block out three years of my life to go for another Olympics."

The former world record holder has stripped a staggering 30kg from his frame after blowing out to 130kg after his retirement in 2007.


That is extraordinarily impressive to me. He lost the weight by doing double workouts, and a spin workout in the middle of day. Obviously he has kicked the habit of eating a whole pizza and downing six-pack on Friday night as well.

From The Australian:

"... Huegill has conquered his initial fear of the 100m by doing a series of 100m time trials at his squad's training camp in Thredbo over the past two weeks.

His best time was a 55-second clocking which has reassured him that he won't be disgraced when he returns to the Sydney Olympic Park pool where he won a bronze medal in 2000.

I know I have the strength and the fitness to bring it home hard," he said.

However he is not yet ready to keep pace with Lauterstein, who has made astonishing progress after shoulder surgery late last year.

He has already clocked 51.73sec in Melbourne, outside his national record of 51.12sec, and is clearly thriving in the new squad.

"There's nowhere to hide for me," he said.

"If I go bad in 'fly, I get my arse kicked by Garth and if I switch to freestyle, I have to watch out for Eamon (Sullivan), and Libby (Trickett).

"Every day I'm trying to beat Garth and Skippy (Huegill) and Eamon - it's a perfect environment."


I looked up to see what sort of diet he was on and I found this. From NineMSN:

"... To cut down on snacking between meals, Geoff will consume Xantrax dietary supplement shakes for breakfast and dinner.

Geoff's plan is to get back into the pool for five sessions a week and to also do weights and cardio workouts three times a week. ...

  • Monday: Two 'swim and spin' sessions.
  • Tuesday: Swim only
  • Wednesday: Like Monday, two swim and spin sessions.
  • Thursday: Swim only.
  • Friday: Two swim and spin sessions.
  • Saturday: Swim only.
  • Sunday: Day off.

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