Friday, February 20, 2009

"Ryan Lochte: Aubrey's next victim?" - Watch this post get a billion hits!

Aubrey O'Day is seen sitting next to Ryan Lochte; if you don't who O'Day is, well, she makes Gwen Stefani, or Madonna look like lazy slackers. O'Day extraordinarily industrious entertainment-wise and though she does not have the money that the aforementioned icons have, the depth of her resume is way more impressive.

Snippet from New York Post Pop Wrap:

I do not appreciate the way Aubrey O' Day is looking at Ryan Lochte -- doesn't she know he's spoken for? And I was actually starting to like the ex-Danity Kane singer following her winning appearance on Chelsea Handler's TV show.


I spent three days working on getting a news source at the table in Lausanne, Switzerland for the FINA speedsuit meeting and then an additional 3 hours writing the articles. However, if I spend just 15-minutes on a swim gossip story, I get up to 2,000 unique views in just one day more than 5-times the response when compared to the suit articles.


Wendy said...

I prefer your substantial articles myself, so I'm glad you'll continue along as you have been!

Ahelee said...

Tony... I read anything you write about - reading this post has nothing to do w/lochte!

See you at Fullerton tomorrow for some sprinting I hope!

maly said...

i read anything in your blog

Joel / the17thman said...

Who wants substance? I always view as your blog as the NY Times of swim blogs while the putz over at the 17thman is the Perez Hilton of the swim blog world. Leave the gossip up to that no good hack of a swimmer.

It's funny that you mention gossip and hits. Because so many non-swimming blogs do the swim gossip angle it never seems to generate much in traffic. But the day I mentioned I was coughing in swim practice. Wowser. I was afraid my blog would crash.

Keep up the good work. How was Fullerton?