Friday, February 20, 2009

Craig Lord: "Death Of Performance-Enhancing Suits Nigh?"

I think Craig is in denial: FINA is proposing so few rules that it seems obvious that suits like the blueseventy, and the Tyr Tracer Light, will have to make little to no "mods" even if every single proposed FINA rule is passed next month in Dubai.

From Swim

The end of performance-enhancing suits may be nigh: after its meeting with suit makers, coaches and others in Lausanne today, FINA issued a statement that effectively sounds the death knell for at least some of the 2008-model suits that placed the sport on artificial fast-forward. Buoyancy tests will surely do for some current suits, while restrictions on permeability of material - which could send the Speedo LZR into extinction - will not be in force until 2010.


I am in guessing mode here: I will say that I am unclear on the tech specs for the Speedo LZR. FINA did mention that in their propose rules that: The application of different materials shall not create air trapping effects... This makes me wonder if this was the reason why the Speedo R&D head, Jason Rance, asserted aggressively how non-buoyant his suit was in the Telegraph article.

I heard a rumor that Speedo was actually working on a long sleeve version much like the Rocket Science suit and obviously that design will be on hold if the rumor I true.

Nonetheless speedsuits are good for 2009 and I am sure suits at the masters level will remain perfectly okay for longer than that.

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