Friday, February 20, 2009

World Federation - Sporting Goods Industry issues press release regarding FINA speedsuit meeting!

Well, I guess that shows the governing bodies: Both the money and FINA are behind speedsuits.

Lausanne, February 20th, 2009: Major swimwear manufacturers responded to the invitation of FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation) and met today in Lausanne with FINA officials, athletes’ representatives and coaches to discuss the on‐going evolution of the sport and FINA Requirements for Swimwear

The manufacturers appreciated the positive and open nature of the discussions during which a broad consensus was reached on a number of issues. The manufacturers look forward to working further with FINA, athletes and coaches to ensure the broad proposals outlined can be translated and implemented in a detailed and effective way ensuring a positive outcome for everyone.

“We all have a mutual aim, to increase the participation in swimming and the profile of swimming, athletes, coaches and federations” says Robbert de Kock, WFSGI Secretary General. “New technologies are being used in all areas in aquatics and in sport generally and it creates an
excitement for the sport”.

The sport of swimming has benefited from extraordinary exposure in the last year and the WFSGI and the brands look forward to working with FINA to build on this success.


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