Wednesday, March 04, 2009

10k Swimmer: The second mouse gets the cheese!

The race has started in Seville for the 2008 World Open Water Swimming Championships but Natalya Pankina (#89) and Ksenia Popova (#37) are just steppin' back, adjusting the goggles, seeing which girls are going "Mixed Martial Arts" on one another and then they will dive in at their leisure while the pack sorts out who gets the most black eyes.

From 10K swimmer:

When asked why she took her time at the start, Natalya answered, "Because I did not want to be traumatised!" giving us a little hint of the aggressiveness of the world's elite female swimmers.

The Photo above comes from Natalya's Facebook page. [ I can't find a link to it >.< ] Guess how the girls do: [Link]


Ahelee said...

That is one very smart mermaid!

A few lost seconds at a wild & crazy start can most times be easily gained back later.

Actually, it would be interesting to hear some discussion on this subject.

Triathletes should listen in as well...

Tony Austin said...

I promised I wouldn't tell this secret but I just can't keep it. I won't say if the person was male or female but we all know which gender when you hear this.

There was a race where a Dutch competitor was doing really well and an Italian competitor was pissed off at this person for whatever reason so the Italian swims into the Dutch competitor, grabs the Dutch person's goggles and just throws them. If I remember correctly, the Italian did it twice to her.

Rob D said...

That kind of start is more my style... why duke it out when you can glide around the outside of the mess and save a bunch of energy?

Charlie said...

I tried that tactic at the Pier to Pier this year. Sadly make lack of fitness meant I was too far behind to catch up by about half way through, but at least I didn't have a huge scar down my back like the previous year!

Tony Austin said...

Pier to Pier is a two mile swim that race was 6 miles around an "oval track" so to speak! You would have spanked them! ;-)