Thursday, March 05, 2009

Green Light: Swimming World is going to stream NCAAs - How cool is that?

Here is the page with the info: [Link]

Just like last year, Swimming World will stream NCAA races at and then it will be available later at Swimming World.

I don't have links yet.


Ahelee said...

Thank God!
Been watching the Pac 10s livestream.
Really wish the Austin Grand Prix was streamed - great stuff happening in TX!

Tony - I got stung by a stingray on an open water swim clinic today!
So there is my excuse for anything that happens on Sunday!

Tony Austin said...

OH NOES! Did you put hot water on it? :-0

Ahelee said...

Ok... I sat for 2 hours on the counter of my bathroom sink with my foot in a sink of hot water. I changed water when it cooled off over and over again. That was the only way to take the pain away!

I had my laptop in there and was checking on the treatment. Hot water is the first thing suggested. So very good Tony!

Much better today.
I swam a fast Friday practice with a huge gang of VERY FAST UC Irvine Masters swim guys. The sting did not slow me down!

Still planning to be in Pasadena on Sunday.

Rob D said...

Ahelee, holy crap dude! You got stung by a stingray!?! Did you step on him or was he gunning for you? There's another reason for me to stick to pools and lakes... yikes!

See both of you guys Sunday.

Tony Austin said...

Poor Ahelee felt a lot of pain. I wish I was there when it happened for hot water as soon as possible or even warm can turn it off if it's quickly appied. Coffee even if it is accessible; anything hot that you can drink, or better yet, anti-sting epinephrine medication.

A barbed piece of bone broke off the bat ray with mucous all over it and got into poor Ahelee. She felt pain in seconds and it lasted a long time because it was in her.

If you throw up, it's hospital time.

The pain is sharp and ebbs and flows for long time. A couple hours and its irrational how much it hurts you. :-(