Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If Eric Shanteau is the "Lance Armstrong" of our sport, Geoff Huegill is our "Rocky!"

Geoff Huegill has shed over 90-pounds and has returned to elite swimming. His story is inspiring and his motives sincere rather than economic. From the Herald Sun:

He has entered the 50m and 100m butterfly, [to qualify for World Championships], but is keeping his expectations in check with next year's Commonwealth Games still his main goal.

"I definitely won't be disappointed if I don't make the world championship team," Huegill said. "Four months ago, I was still 120kg.

"To be able to turn my life around and to drop almost 40kg now . . . for me, just getting this far has been awesome.


I am hoping he makes the team and finals at World Championships in Rome. That would be a de facto comeback on par with Dara Torres for he has only been in the pool for about 6-months or so and he has lost so much weight since his return.

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