Monday, March 09, 2009

'TYR Tracer Light' Review: Rob of Robaquatics takes the 'Tracer Light' for a spin!

Rob goes to the Cal Tech Masters Pentathlon with his new suit and nails each event; both figuratively and literally, in style.

This weekend was the first outing for my TYR Tracer Light. Overall I am very impressed with the suit and I had a great day in the pool with it. I swam 5 events and walked away with 5 best times - one by as much as 4 seconds! All told a pretty successful outing. I swam every stroke in it so I can vouch for it across all four competitive strokes

I had to put the You Tube in; Poor Rob was swimming in the gutter in a very narrow pool but it looks to me that he did a low 26.00 in the 50-free. Not to shabby.

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Rob D said...

I believe it was a 25.9 thank you very much :)

Oddly enough I don't mind the outside lanes. I practice in the far lane of a pool with no gutters so going to nicer pools with gutters and all that is pretty glamorous for me.