Sunday, March 08, 2009

The secret of long life: It's all down to how fast you react!

Check out the fat, ugly, guy with the blue cap. If reaction time determines a long life, he's going to be okay. Note: The fellow is completely in the water before the guy next to him is up to his wrists! From the Mail Online:

People's reaction times are a far better indicator of their chances of living a long life than their blood pressure, exercise levels or weight, researchers have discovered.

Men and women with the most sluggish response times are more than twice as likely to die prematurely.

Edinburgh University and the Medical Research Council in Glasgow tracked 7,414 people nationwide over 20 years in a study which appears to confirm the adage that a healthy mind means a healthy body.


The video was taken at the Santa Clarita SCY Masters Meet last March.


Ahelee said...

Blah Blah Blah... WHERE WERE YOU TODAY??
We missed you and now you are not in any of our photos!

Santa Clarita or UCLA?

Ahelee said...

Do more of this when you are inspired... awesome!

Did you hear me yelling for Katsu? My swimmer in the lane next to your 400 IMer at the end!

Tony Austin said...

Santa Clarita.

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and I couldn't breathe. We had a drought for four years and when it rained everything all over creation bloomed and my nose was too stuffy.

I did a lacic acid workout instead and worked on my starts.

I did miss you, and Rob, and Joel and thought about you guys.

Tony Austin said...

I did here and it was a good race too. :-)

Ahelee said...

Oh yes... you would have suffered in Pasadena. ALL the gorgeous fragrant flowers were blooming!

Hope you bounce back quickly.

Funny, we were talking to one of the SCAQ guys about Erik Hochstein's lactic sets. I hope to make it to one of those infamous killer practices!

Tony Austin said...

That would be awesome to see you in a lane next to Jenny Cook.

Chris B. said...

Brad M. needs to streamline better off the walls - it's those huge shoulders getting in the way! Chris W. has the same problem...