Sunday, March 29, 2009

Leveaux "owns" Bernard twice this past weekend!

I noticed over at Swim News that Amaury Leveaux beat Alain Bernard twice:

Amaury Leveaux, Olympic silver medalist and one of the most improved swimmers in the world in 2008, got in a second victory over Olympic 100m free champion Alain Bernard at the Strasbourg International in France: the gap yesterday over 100m was 0.07sec, the gap tonight over 50m was 0.08sec, 22.12 to 22.20.


I think Amaury Leveaux is an amazing athlete who deserves all of the success he has earned. However, I noticed that since Bernard signed with Arena, I don't see him winning. Hence, I think Amauary Leveaux has a better suit and that suit may be the new TYR Titan, I am not sure? (I will go ask.)


maly said...

i love amaury , he is an interesting caracter , did you know that he only started to swim at fourteen when the life guard saw him fooling around at his local pool, he saw some potential and challenge him to take proper swimming lessons , he had natural talent so the french federation sent him over to his actual coach . he had some up and down until he decided after a bad world championship in melbourne to go and see a sport shink to over come his fears. beijing made him realize that he could be among the best swimmers and he wants to win a gold in london.the french swimming team is sponsered by tyr and his coach brother is the manager of the french division of tyr.

Ahelee said...

Hey Maly -

Thanks for the inside scoop! Love good swim stories like this...

Looking forward to watching the sprinting at Worlds!