Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speedsuit company 'blueseventy' sent me a press release regarding the FINA ruling in Dubai

The most important part of the press release is the following:

"... Fina’s rules, issued in a two stage process, will limit suits on thickness, buoyancy and other areas as of March 31st this year. This will be the standard until Jan 1st 2010, when the restrictions of phase two will come into effect.

"... Phase one should not affect the legality of our current suits at all. All our in-house testing has shown that our current suits meet all of the phase one restrictions, including those relating to buoyancy. There has been a lot of incorrect information, and personal viewpoints ushered into the public arena, and we feel that some of these tests will help reduce the confusion that seems to be out there. ..."

Phase two is a permeability rule that is planned for 2010. I believe the crux of that rule is to allow trapped air to escape!

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