Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alshammar's 50m Butterfly WR Has Been Rejected!

Therese Alshammar was wearing a Jaked swimsuit, a European brand which uses a fabric that appears to be chloroprene in nature. The suit has few seams, an indented cut in the chest area and could provide modesty issues for swimmers.

From The Australian:

Alshammar immediately submitted an appeal against her disqualification. But after discussing the rules with referee Janelle Barnett, Alshammar elected to withdraw her appeal.

Alshammar told The Australian she had misunderstood the local swimsuit rules: "I'm still happy with the swim - it's just a technicality in my eyes.

"I have obviously not understood the rules of the Australian championships. I was wearing a unisex suit which does not cover my chest completely so I need to wear an old cut-down suit underneath. I thought it was a modesty suit. It's just so I don't fall out the side, to feel more comfortable."



Rob D said...

Lame. I'm ok with most of the new rules, but they need to figure the 2 suit thing out better.

Tony Austin said...

It will only change if the ladies protest it. I wonder if this will aply to US masters swimming?

I suspect the USMA will ignore it or make their own rule.

Rob D said...

I've been wondering what USMS will do. I don't really see them pulling aside an 85 year old WR breaker after a swim to verify only one suit was in play, but I could see a few different brands & styles of suits ceasing to be legal. I hope they acknowledge whatever their stance is publicly soon just so we all know.

Tony Austin said...

I think Masters Swimming takes a year before they consider anything.

For instance, I once accidentally did a breaststroke kick during the butterfly portion when coming off the wall and I thought I was going to be DQed. It turns out in Masters you are allowed to do a breaststroke kicks when doing butterfly since it once was legal during the 1950's and there are still masters swimmers swimming it that way 60, 70, 80+ years-old.

However Mike Freshly, who is in the 70+ age group swims it like us and I saw him do a :27 in the 50 'fly. The guy is my hero!

Rob D said...

:27 at 70? Wow, I'm excited to be going :27 at 27!

I saw someone butterfrogging at one of my first masters meets and I almost couldn't comprehend how that was ok or possible. I still need to try it one of these days to see if I can even do it.