Wednesday, April 01, 2009

(-; April Pools and Fools! ;-)

It all started out with an a little email from Joel McKenna but Rob called it a "SWIM-spiracy"

MARCH 30: Joel McKenna Writes Recipients:
So, with April Fools Day approaching, I was thinking that one of us swim bloggers should announce that they will begin to train for the 2012 London Olympics and then the other bloggers would post about it. Just to see how much buzz this would all get. I think Tony would make a great Dara Torres!

MARCH 30: Tony Austin Writes Recipients:
I am to slow; it's too unbelievable; it should be you! - I could make a fake Santa Clarita results page with your name on it swimming a :48. in the 50-fly, Scott, the Canuck swimmer could say you're doping and I could say you are going to use your "lotto winnings" to finance it. [Joel has never won the Lotto] Of course Rob could interview you and could break the news.

MARCH 30: Rob of RobAquatics Writes Recipients:
So what's the plan? Who is going to be our future Olympian? We need to start making up a story and falsifying documents and such. I like Tony 2012 for the alliteration, it has a nice ring to it. But in all fairness I think Joel is the fastest of the 3 of us. Decisions decisions. Maybe we can get one of you guys sponsored :) It might reduce [ ... ] to tears on TV though.

I found a leotard at Rivers Edge Dance Wear and used that as our phony speedsuit. [Link]

Then the hoax went into action and latter in the day, this was the icing on the cake! ...

APRIL 1: Eric Writes Recipients:
Here is my contribution: That "Matrix," vinyl-bodysuit, picture still cracks me up haha!

When I woke up this morning and checked my inbox, I cracked up for like 5-minutes. All the comments you all sent me really cheered me up. Socially it was the best thing that happened to me all month! :-D (The personal bests were the second!)

What was so "existential" about doing this blogger farce is that it coincided with a particular swim-journalism scandal that happened at the NCAA races this past month!

The photo above was taken by Tancread at Here is a direct link to the photo: [Link]


Glenn said...

That was GREAT. Totally got me partly because I forgot what day it was. Nicely done. That's very funny.

The Screaming Viking! said...

I can't believe I have been inspired to blog about a swim blogger conspiracy.

Great job on this one guys.