Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More 'Splish' speedsuit details at 'Kast-a-way'

The folks at Kast-A-Way have more details regarding the Splish suit. From the Kast-A-Way blog:

Splish Swimwear will launch a website by the end of the week with more information about the suit (source). It is rumored that Splish Swimwear, makers of the adorable children's "Rainbow Explosion" and "Doodles Blue" suits, sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into the secret development of the Splish speedsuit.

Because this suit is so new, there's only one swimmer who has worn it in competition. As reported by SCAQ Blog, Joel Mc Kenna of the17thman recently swam a 48.08 in the SCY 100 Fly at a Master's sectional meet at the Buffalo Breath Aquatics Center in Utah. In a recent blog post, Mc Kenna admits to "secretly training with designers and scientists working with Splish Swimwear" in his quest to qualify for the USA Olympic Team in 2012. More information about Mc Kenna's recent swim is still surfacing on the internet.



Anonymous said...

I think one fact that is very important that isn't being discussed is how the 48.08 time compares to other times he has done. For all we know he recently went a 48.1 in board shorts.

Tony Austin said...

His average 100 'fly time has been hovering around a minute. This 12-second drop is astonishing!

Rob D said...

I think regardless of what suit was involved a 48 is pretty strong for a 39 year old!

Anonymous said...

Rob D.,I'm not sure if I agree with you. I'm 48 and swam a 51.2 in the 100 free with my daughter's high school team. I then put on a tight/bouyant wet suit and swam a 46.4. When I swam in college I went a 45.6.

If he was swimming around a 1:00 historically and dropped 12 seconds, then you know that's it the suit and not the swimmer. Might as well allow him to add fins and see if he can go a 43.

You look at Dennis Baker who is 48 and recently went 1:50 in the 200 fly last year with a legal suit. That's "pretty strong".