Friday, April 10, 2009

Darwin, Australia: Man killed after trying to swim across a croc infested river!

Any town named Darwin, especially if it is is Australia, is suppose to be warning that there are animals therein that you simply don't touch!

It's like God put all of his practical jokes in Australia: Jellyfish the size of thimbles that can kill you, giant birds with no wings and really bad attitudes, that thing called a platypus which they tell me is deadly, who can forget the koala bears and kangaroos too, and then there is that crazy lizard that runs on two legs like it is pulling a wheelie.

This poor man in DARWIN, Australia, after drinking with his wife and friends decides it would be a really good idea in DARWIN, Australia, to swim across a river in DARWIN, Australia, that is known to be infested with crocodiles. Consequently, a horrible tragedy ensued and this poor man was devoured as his wife watched. :-(

Now, why anybody would even go near a river that is even rumored to have crocodiles in it boggles my mind especially if it is in DARWIN, Australia!

And now, after one crocodile does what crocodiles are suppose to do, all crocs are going to be shot on site at that locale so as to locate the remains of the missing man.

From the Mail Online:

A man's drunken night out led to his death when he decided to swim across a river in the dark - and was attacked by a lurking crocodile.

Witnesses claimed the man's relatives - including his wife - witnessed his death as the party attempted to return home at the end of the evening.

As the search continued for his body today, wildlife rangers have been ordered to shoot every crocodile on sight in case any of them has the man's remains in its stomach.



Charlie said...

Whilst this is a tragic story, I can not help but laugh at another tale of a drunk Australian getting in to trouble with a reptile. Wasn't there a story recently of a drunk Aussie fighting a snake or something?

Steve said...

But the drastic move is also to ensure that no-one else is grabbed over the Easter break if a holidaymaker decides to take a swim in the Daly River, 200 miles south of the Northern Territory capital of Darwin.

Ahelee said...

Where is Tony? Its been a week -

Hopefully FAST Friday brought something inspiring your way :)

See you next weekend in Mission Viejo?

Ahelee said...

OK... heard from Tony.
Alive and quite well.


He is in high level but secret training for Regionals next weekend in Mission Viejo.
(glad I'm not swimming the sprints!)