Thursday, April 09, 2009

UCLA Masters Meet: Blogger Joel of the '17th man' and I were in the same heat and we did not know it! - At least I beat him off the blocks! :-P

I believe we were swimming the 100-free.

Note how tight my shoulders are; they are irrationally tight and it kills my streamline. They have improved but I have a foot or so in my range-of-motion before I am somewhat normal. (Yes, I do stretch them everyday!)


Rob D said...

I think that was the 200 free relay. I saw both you guys up there but I was sans camera at the moment... looks like the pictures you got were way better than anything I could have taken!

Anonymous said...

That wast he 200 Free Relay. As I remember swimming a 50. Good job on the blocks as for me I have the slowest block reaction time. At Nationals in Federal Way they posted the block start time and in everything I swam I was dead last. But at least I entered the water further out. Someday I'll I work on my reaction time.

Tony Austin said...

My little secret is that I play "whack-a-mole" ;-)