Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fan Video: Amaury Leveaux versus Alain Bernard - 100m Free in Strasbourg France!

Amuary takes the lead as soon as he breaks the surface. Look how sluggish Bernard looks and how much momentum he lost on the turn. His streamline look completely ineffectual when compared to Leveaux.

Though I admire Alain Bernard's technique more than Leveaux, Amaury Leveaux looked more relaxed and put in a seemingly effortless swim.


maly said...

i just read in a french sport paper that alan bernard has invited eamon sulivan and his team mate to come and spent a week training togetter before going to compete at the open de natation edf in paris. the autralian swimmers are also going to swim at the monaco stop of the mare nostrum. i think i will be going to paris to watch the french open just to see libby tricket and eamon sulivan . i will be able to cross some names on the list of swimmers i saw swimming in live. in 2007 i had the chance to go and see the cannet stop of the mare nostrum and meet nathalie coogling, peter vanderkaay , eric vendt, davis tarwater, tara kirk , k. sanderno . i also saw stephan nystram , alain bernard and kittajima swimm . the french open edf is hopping to attract more international swimmer and become a big annual meet. the prize money is very good , they will giving in all 100000 euros .

maly said...

ps , i forgot to say that all the french team for rome will be swimming at the french open , i am looking forward to see amaury swimming against eamon and alain.

Ahelee said...

WHO doesn't want to go to FRANCE???

Racing fast is just the challenge amidst the wine, cheese, and fine athletes!

Getting BOOed only makes you want to race - and WIN!

Tony Austin said...

Truly! Lezak should go- TYR should throw him in a suit and send him

maly said...

the five first male and females swimmers are decided by the fina point systeme in use .
the 1st : 20 000 euros
the 2nd :15 000
the 3rd : 8 000
the 4th : 4 000
and the 5th 3000
extra bonnus for world record 15 000 euros and 5000 euros for a europeen record. the meets takes place at the croix catelan in the bois de boulogne .