Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Swimmers age gracefully! - Dara and Owen Wilson enjoying a tennis game together!


Though these two are close in age, look how much younger Dara looks. I guess Mike Freshley's law applies here: "Show me a runner who is 70 and they look like 90. Show me a swimmer who is 70 and they look like 50."

Swimmers age gracefully!

Found at the Great Tennis Photos Blog: [Link]


Trev said...

I love that quote. He doesn't look THAT much older, though! She, on the other hand, always looks amazing. I have a massive crush.

Anonymous said...

Not to be all negative but then that is my job but Owen has done plenty of hard parting with drugs in alcohol. While Dara works out and take special care of what she puts in her body.

And as for Trev and his crush on Dara...well if I was straight I
d have a crush on her. Although she reminds me too much of Jackie from that Bravo show Workout.