Sunday, April 26, 2009

I want to to thank both the 'French Coach' and 'Maly' for working so hard to bring us the French Championships!

Above Frederick Bousquet is now the world record holder in the 50 free. He is wearing a Speedo cap but a Jaked suit. How is that for a multinational wardrobe?

Maly spent hours of her time uploading these fine Eurosport videos to YouTube.
Here is her YouTube Page: [Link]

The French Coach has been giving me good advice and provides us with this results link and I am very flattered that he did so: [Link]


Anonymous said...

Is that red line the previous world record? If so, then everyone in that heat smashed it.

Tony Austin said...

How would you have liked to have been the fourth place swimmer.

maly said...

no eurosport totaly bloched the red line .only frederick bousquet and alain bernard brock the former record