Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPMA Regionals: No 'Tin' nor Ribbons for 'Tin Medal Tony' but I did set a prsonal best in the 100 free!

Quick observations: The air temps in Mission Viejo, CA, for both Saturday and Sunday were in the low 70's; blue skies, puffy clouds all day long. Southern California really has only two seasons: Summer and January!

Coach Ahelee set two national records.

blueseventy swimskins
were everywhere though the cool kids like me wore TYR. I saw an X-terra speedsuit made of Chloroprene and wondered if it was FINA approved?

Masters swimmers like speedsuits and if they are men, they insist upon wearing modesty suits underneath and by modesty suit I mean male briefs, not $350 speedsuts!

There was lots of talk about SCY Nationals in Clovis, CA: Gold Medal Mel, Rowdy Gaines would be going. Lots of excitement and I truly sense that masters swimmers is attracting both new swimmers with non-swimming backgrounds and those swimmers that miss that "esprit de corp" that most individual sports like the triathlon and running lack.

My time in the 100 free was 57.18 besting my previous effort of 57.74 by a half-second. I am going to learn what I am doing wrong, then take my 100-Free time down in the 56's.
Mark Savage took the photos and I am very flattered that he took the time to come out and photograph my teammates.


Rob D said...

Good swims this weekend Tony! I can't wait to see the video Ahelee has of us duking it out in the 50 free. It was good seeing you in person for a little bit!

Ahelee said...

Loved the SPMA power session we had in front of the tiles between the locker rooms at Mission Viejo Tony!

GREAT to see you - and lets' make the O-Pool Meet happen!

Wish you were going to join us in Clovis... maybe come up and be a journalist!


CW said...

Congrats on yet another PB Tony! Great swimming, nice form on that start as well!

Tony Austin said...

thank you I am very flattered. I can't for the next regionals!