Monday, April 20, 2009

The Joseph B. Gould Foundation has made an amazingly large donation to the the "Make a Splash Foundation"

The Joseph B. Gould Foundation is quite well known in Los Angeles! Childrens Hospital Los Angeles is what it is today because of the contributions and support the foundation has given them.

Now the Make a Splash arm of USA Swimming is on the receiving end of their philanthropic efforts.

From Swimming World:

THE USA Swimming Foundation has received the largest charitable contribution in its history with a $5 million gift from Carolyn Dirks on behalf of the Joseph B. Gould Foundation. The endowment will be used to benefit The USA Swimming Foundation's Make A Splash initiative as well as the Dirks Family Coaches Incentive Program.

About the Joseph B. Gould Foundation from Childrens Hospital website:

"... Mr. Gould, who passed away seven years ago, was an investor in oil, gas and real estate. He established the Foundation in 1991. “He was a very giving person who wanted the world to be a better place,” explains Mrs. Dirks, a Bel-Air resident. “He always felt that if you are lucky to have good fortune, you should give back and help others.”

Following the legacy established by its founder, the Foundation supports a broad spectrum of organizations including St. John’s Health Center, and various other medical facilities and museums. They also have been a generous supporter of Stanford University, and the ski and swim teams of the United States Olympics.

“We believe that in order to make the world a better place, you need healthy people. That means your body needs to be healthy, which is why we need great medical facilities, and your mind needs to be healthy through the arts,” says Mrs. Dirks. “We need a well-rounded world.” ..."


Here is a link to the Make A Splash web page: [Link]

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Erik Sterne said...

The generosity of this Foundation to the USA Swimming is outstanding. Swimming is great for a sense of community and that sense is very important in urban settings. I hope that the greater swimming community, with help in funding from this endowment, seizes this opportunity to prevent any more closures in the urbanized areas of our nation. We all agree that there needs to be more aquatic facilities, and our children will be safer and more confident with proper training and supervision in the aquatic environment.