Tuesday, April 21, 2009

THIS IS HUGE: 'blueseventy' to offer $200 rebate off their next generation suit should your 'Nero swimskin' be deemed illegal in 2010!

UPDATE II: Rob, of RobAquatics rocks the Zeitgeist! blueseventy to extend update period to April 1st rather than May 1st due to his comment to this blog and a post he made.

...We are seeing the testing protocol today and not one specific to blueseventy.

Also we are looking at suits bought May 1st onwards for the buy back program.

The news has not been release yet but you have my permission to go "bang down their door" and ask if it is true. Just so you know, my source is gold and this is what I was told!

This Wednesday, FINA will be conducting revealing their permeability testing protocol in Switzerland on the blueseventy, NERO swimskin. The people at blueseventy are so confident that the NERO will be approved once again for competition in 2010 that they are willing to go "beyond the call of capitalism" and launch a "buy back" program should the NERO not be approved for 2010.

This is how it would work: You own a NERO swimskin and FINA outlaws the suit for 2010, blueseventy will "buy it back from you" by giving you $200 off their next generation, FINA approved speedsuit!

So, if you currently own a NERO swimskin or you were thinking of buying one for USMS Nationals but wondered about FINA suit regulations circa 2010, I say go for it.



Rob D said...

don't forget they're still doing discounts for masters swimmers until the end of the month

Ahelee said...

Well... I am still anxious to try a BlueSeventy (B70) suit.

However, I ordered mine in plenty of time for the Regional Championships and it still has not arrived.

The 2 companies offering the suit at a "USMS discount" have a few issues.
1 company has the suits backordered, the other sent them all to FL for YNats and says they were sending orders from there.

Hope mine comes today.

I've been watching the masters swimmers pretty closely in the meets over the past year. I have seen them swim without and then acquire and swim in their new tech suits.

My very rough opinion is that the suit is especially helping swimmers with sloppy stroke technique - and poor streamlines. As well, the slower swimmers. The faster swimmers with accomplished technique are dropping times, but not in the gigantic chunks of time that many are experiencing from the, as I call them, cruiser lanes.

If my B70 suit arrives in time, I'll let you know what I think of swimming in it.


By the way, THE SPEEDO GRAND CHALLENGE MEET is at Heritage Park this weekend in Irvine. Should be some good elite swimming. Head over to watch the evening finals after the SPMA Regionals end for the day. Should be some worthwhile spectating.


Rob D said...

B70 seems to be the suit of choice for people willing to shell out more than $300. At Pacific Masters Championships this last weekend there were basically two speedsuits out there: B70's and older cheap TYR suits. I only saw 1 other TYR Tracer besides mine and 1 LZR. I hope B70 has a good plan for affording all this if their current suit gets banned, there are a lot of suits that are going to be coming back!

Ahelee - I hope you get your suit soon! Also... a personal observation... I think these suits reward a good streamline, but don't make up for a poor one. When I'm doing everything right and in a really tight streamline I feel really fast. When I screw up and get sloppy there's no advantage, you feel just as slow as you would in a normal suit. But that's just me in 2 different TYR suits, I haven't joined the cool kid club and gotten a B70 yet.

Rob D said...

just saw your update, post May 1st purchases make it less fiscally scary. Y Nationals are done and USMS Nationals are too close to get in a new order. So it looks like all the people that want one before Nationals are all in.

Tony Austin said...

Thanks for the catch Rob, I edited the post again.

Tony Austin said...

Ahelee, I wish you would be a co-blogger with me. Your insight is amazing

Anonymous said...

hello tony , the french championship is going on this week . it is brocasted live on the french eurosport channel. i will be posting some of the final and semi final on my channel on you tube: dublincat.
here is the link to the video of the 50 fly men final:
amaury leveaux did a good time but got diquilified because of a too long underwater .
ps : you know me as MALY

Tony Austin said...

Maly, i am at work, I will link to you when I am free. :-)

thank you so much. Since Amauary and Bernard are in, I am rooting for Bousquet. :-)

John Craig said...

That's a very generous (and confident) offer. After reviewing a lot of performances and pestering you, Tony, for your opinion on which suit to buy, I finally broke down and bought a B70 for a meet on 3/21, my first in almost two years, and was glad I did (got a WR). But it seems Jaked is the suit of the moment, the times they are doing with them at Dutch nationals and now French nationals are insane, and Munoz's 50 fly was ridiculous.

Tony Austin said...

That is very exciting! Congratulations! You must be thrilled!

Great is an overused adjective but when you set a WR, you meet those stringent qualifications to be called a GREAT SWIMMER!


John Craig said...

Tony -- Thank you very much, yes, I am thrilled. I had told myself ahead of time that in order to get the moral victory I had to beat the record (for the 55-59 200 scm fly) by at least two seconds since the record had been set in 2007, before the new generation suits were available. I did get it by that margin, but now I'm not so sure the B70 isn't worth even more. I'm not a great swimmer, btw, just a one trick pony who's not remotely close in any other events, not even the 100 fly.

I continue to make your blog a daily stop, even if I don't normally comment.

Ahelee said...

I am your co-blogger sista!

When you commute on your bike to coach many masters swim practices, there is time to think about many watery things.

Your blog is always an inspiration!

See you in a day and a half - at MISSION!