Friday, May 08, 2009

Breaking News: Rowdy Gaines settin' records and now sponsored by 'blueseventy'

I just got back from a sprint workout and a bit of great news from Julie in San Francisco was in my inbox. Rowdy Gaines is not only winning in a
blueseventy Nero comp swimskin, he is now sponsored by 'blueseventy.'

I am going to shut up here and post what Julie forwarded me:

Seattle, WA, — May 8, 2009 — blueseventy, the world’s leading maker of wetsuits, swimskins, and other swimming accessories, is pleased to announce their sponsorship of swimming legend and triple Olympic Gold Medal winner, Rowdy Gaines.

blueseventy has truly gone from zero to 60 in the pool swimming market in just a year,“ says Roque Santos, V.P. of swimming at blueseventy. “Today, we are very excited to be signing a man we consider to be swimming royalty. Knowing Rowdy personally and now working with him is a great honor. He truly encompasses all that is great about our sport and embodies the spirit of blueseventy.”

Back in the sport, and swimming competitively again, Gaines has broken three records in the blueseventy nero comp swimskin, including two National Masters records at the YMCA Nationals in the 50 yard freestyle and 100 yard freestyle and most recently at the USMS Masters Nationals in the 200 yard freestyle.

“I have been involved with this great sport for 35 years,” says Gaines. “It is amazing what blueseventy has brought to swimming. I am so proud to be a part of a company that thinks of the athlete first, both young and old."

Under this agreement, Gaines will serve as an ambassador for blueseventy at Masters Swimming Competitions as well at his clinics. In addition, Gaines will work as a close advisor to the blueseventy product development team on innovations in swimskins, goggles and other swim accessories.

How cool is that? If swimming continues to grow like it has, I am sure more Olympians will follow suit; [bad pun], especially since it is now possible to continue to swim post an Olympic career or NCCA participation with a sponsor.

Now, we have to go dust of Mel Stewart, Michael Gross, Mark Spitz on the men's side. Janet Evans, Shirley Babashoff, Rada Owen on the womens' and I would pay triple to swim in that meet!

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Trev said...

Exciting! Do you think Dara Torres has paved the way for this kind of thing? It didn't seem to be happening pre-her comeback...