Saturday, May 09, 2009

The 'Fresno Bee' covers the USMS SCY Nationals Meet

Teammate, Christopher Beach, send me this article from the Fresno Bee:

"... Among the highlights was U.S. Olympic Hall of Famer Rowdy Gaines breaking the U.S. record for 50-54-year-old men in the 200-yard freestyle. Gaines finished in 1:43.76. ..."


Dan Leonard was right, look at that row of blueseventy swimsuits. I guess that is what happens when a suit manufacturer supports Masters swimming


Anonymous said...

Okay, I hate to admit it, but I'm the Speedo supporter. My daughter, 15, swam at her high school prelims on Wednesday May 6th. Her times for SCY were 2:01.1 for 200 free, 1:04.5 100 back, 55.1 100 free leadoff on the relay and 25.7 for the 50 free going last on the relay.

She put on the dreaded Speedo LZR on Friday the 8th at the same pool and went 1:54.1 in the 200 free, 1:00.5 in the 100 back, 53.3 for the leadoff in the 400 free relay and 24.4 anchoring the 200 free relay.

She is very happy with her improvements and is very pleased with the quality of the LZR suit. No malfunctions. A perfect suit.

Tony Austin said...

Awesome! Your daughter is an amazing swimmer and you are a very supportive parent. Being a swim mom or dad is an incredibly hard task and all of you sound like a great family.

I am glad the LZR worked out. :-)