Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daina Swim unleased: Press release regarding unapporved swimsuit

My readers are so good to me and they contribute so much that it humbles me. Minollo sent us this press release from Diana Sport - It was translated into English rather qucikly:

Diana Sport is astonished learning that its own bodysuit “Cyclone” has not been approved by FINA, as [evident] from the official notice issued by the International Federation on 19th. May and from which results that others 135 costumes have been considered irregular.

"... The main shocking thing is that the costume Cyclone has passed all the scientific tests fixed by Fina and intended to verify the observance of requisitions and limits appointed by the Federation itself as regards to the buoyancy and to the fabrics thickness.

The missing homologation is due to a mere presumption formulated by the expert of the Federal Polytechnic in Lausanne, person in charge to effect the tests, who affirms that the costume “could cause air trapping effects”, effect in principle prohibited by the rules. Therefore we are in front of the paradox that tests fixed to control the respect of the bench marks in an incontestable scientific way will be overcome by a subjective [judgment] that asserts, on a purely hypothetical way and not supported by any empirical evidence, that the costume is not in compliance with such rule.

Due to this reason Diana contests in a more absolute and firm way Fina’s decision.

Relieved from the results of the tests that certify the regularity of its own costume Cyclone and sure that the right is not based on mere suppositions , Diana reserves the right to undertake every kind of action , nothing excluded, in order to protect its own economic and of image interests. ..."


Thank you so much Minollo! :-*

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