Thursday, May 21, 2009

It appears to me that 'USA Swimming' will "rubber-stamp" the FINA swim list!

I am openly biased in regards to the way USA Swimming conducts business. I have made this clear in several posts mostly when I talk about the TYR/Speedo/USA Swimming lawsuit or when they were tr7ing to get in bed with the Wasserman Media Group.

Now that this bias is again out in the open, I have a question for all of you: is it just me or does this press release from USA Swimming simply state that they are going to "rubber-stamp" the FINA decision with no forethought or consideration of the consequences whatsoever?

My interpretation of what I read is in the brackets. Here is the USA Swimming press release:

"... USA Swimming will follow the FINA ruling made Tuesday in Lausanne, Switzerland. As the World Governing Body for our sport, we rely on FINA to provide adequate testing and judgment on which suits can and cannot be used in competition.

[That is what I believe was the rubber-stamp part]

Certainly, such legislation has an effect on our more than 2,800 club teams and the athletes they represent. We want to assure our membership that we are reviewing the recent legislation and will soon provide an update on how this might affect swimming at the club level.

[That was the part where I believe they will tell the "barking dog" that they will "consider" throwing it an imaginary bone and to just trust them to do so.]

We appreciate your patience as we work to provide complete and accurate information on this topic.

[I can't think of anything witty to say but I am thinking that letter I posted was pretty darn accurate to me.]

USA Swimming has not yet taken any action with respect to the published list of approved suits and will not do so until after the Rules & Regulations Committee meeting scheduled for May 29-30. Following that meeting, a formal announcement will be made regarding how the approved list will affect USA Swimming and its rules & regulations.

[The above is a carefully written "escape clause" in case the "poop hits the fan" lawsuit-wise and USA Swimming needs to adopt a "USMS approach" to avoid getting hit by the incoming mess.]
If USA Swimming does not adopt a measured response such as the Italian Federation, The USMS, and Japanese, their management should be voted out.

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