Sunday, May 24, 2009

Japan to ratify Ryosuke Irie's world record - will allow those suits unapproved by FINA in domestic competitions!

From Swimming World:

TOKYO, Japan, May 24. THE Japanese Swimming Federation held a press conference yesterday to confirm that the Federation will ratify Ryosuke Irie's world record as a Japanese record even if FINA does not recognize it.


"...Furthermore, the Federation stated that it WILL allow swimmers to race in non-approved suits in domestic competition until March 31, 2010...."


FINA so screwed this up! How can FINA, with any moral authority, withdraw suit approvals just because they saw a "burning bush" on the way to Lausanne, Switzerland, that told them to reverse course?

Well, the Japanese and the Italians have seen a "burning bush" too.

Perhaps the manufacturers will see one too that tells them to sort it out in court?

Coach John Leonard of the ASCA predicted as much on March 4th 2009. You can read his article: What’s Up With The Suits? at the American Swimming Coaches Association site. (Scroll down to the appropriate date to find it.)

Coach John Leonard also has a seat on the Coaches Commission at FINA.

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