Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jason Lezak just misses a Michael Phelps record in the 100-free! - Jason Lezak is relevant, he is in the game, and he is hungry!

From Swimming World:

"... IRVINE, California, May 24. ROSE Bowl Aquatics' Jason Lezak provided some serious fireworks on the final day of the Janet Evans Invitational as he threatened the American record in the men's 100 free over long course meters.

In another head-to-head battle, Lezak smashed California's Nathan Adrian. Lezak took a run at Michael Phelps' American record of 47.51 in the men's 100 free, but settled for a smoking time of 47.80. Adrian could not keep up as he finished second in 49.14. Jason Dunford completed the top three in 50.38.


Jason Lezak, swimming without a sponsor is currently the fastest, American, 100-free swimmer so far this year; (correct me by sending a comment please if I am mistaken).

He is motivated and winning. Every meet for Lezak is an opportunity.

I will say that I am profoundly disgusted with his talent management. It completely astonishes me that someone as capable as Lezak is not is not sponsored by TYR, blueseventy, Jaked, Mizuno or Arena for that matter. He could have been tearing up Europe at those short-course-meter racers that Peter Marshall was setting WRs at.

Win, place or show is how they bet in horse racing: Do you realize the exposure a suit brand would have garnered at one of those meets if Lezak simply showed up and either won, placed, or showed?

The buzz would have been great for everybody: The meet itself, the suit brand, and the American/European rivalry.

I bet TYR would have sent him, they sent Peter Marshall who I had never heard of for a fast $75,000, AND HE SET WORLD RECORDS!


Anonymous said...


Phelps swam the 50 free at the recent meet in Charlotte. His time was 23.24

Lezak's 50 split in the 100 at Janet Evans was 22.70.

Mark Savage

Tony Austin said...

That split is awesome! - Phelps still owes should train with him if he is going to be a sprinter.

AI said...

Lezak is a beast. I find it hard to believe he's without a sponsor.