Monday, May 11, 2009

Two years ago he showed up to his first Masters swim meet wearing board shorts! - Now he is tied for tenth in the nation in the 50-free!

One-minute, twenty-seconds into this Floswimming video, Garrett quickly interviews one of our SCAQ relay teams; (We all look good in black, don't you think?). Our freestyler for that relay participated in his first ever Masters swim meet at UCLA just two years ago swimming a 25.88 in the 50-free while wearing a pair of board shorts.

Fast-fwd to last weekend and he swam a 22.9 to tie for tenth-place in his age group at Masters Nationals. (That is so Rocky!) Not bad for swimming for only two years.

We have a another success story like this on the female side who did quite well at Nationals setting a personal best in the 50-free after participating in her first meet just 7-weeks ago. That is courageous for she made the race against herself. (People who get stage-fright know what I am talking about.)

SCAQ is coalescing into a very fast, a very eclectic, and a very unified team. We are snappy dressers too with out black suits and our black silicon caps. (We don't wear no stinkin' latex.) We need more SCAQ swimmers to show up and join the party. Look how happy everybody is in the video that Garrett shot above. It was not about the race but rather the shared experience.

We need more SCAQ swimmers to compete. Just nine of us showed up at SPMA SCY Regionals in a club that boasts over 1000 swimmers and still we got a sixth place trophy for our efforts. That was so cool being part of a team effort that yielded a trophy.

Come be part of it. What is even more fun than competing in a challenging event is being on a relay that wins a ribbon or medal. My best medal, and the only first place medal, I have ever received at a championship was on a relay. John, Doug, Dan and I stormed it at SCM Regionals and the accomplishment was exhillerating. (When was the last time you felt exhillerated?)

Join us!

(Thanks to Chris B. And Erik H. for sending me this video.)


Ahelee said...

Congratulations to all the SCAQ swimmers who raced at Nationals!

I was especially happy to see Coach Erik Hochstein gamely show up for the team - even after missing so much training during his recovery from back strain issues.
Those of us who follow him know that he does not race unprepared. So, I think the SCAQ swimmers are melting that heart of his - just the tiniest bit.
Its' a good thing!

Clovis was special as Masters Nationals go... ask anyone who attended.
Next time USMS Nationals comes to the west, lets' be sure and rally more of the SCAQ (and all SPMA) troops to represent!

You can't believe the trash talking that is going down about west coast masters from those masters swimmers in the east!
Namely the Colonies Zone!

Trev said...

SCAQ REPRESENTING! They DO look pretty sleek in the black suits and caps! I'd be rather intimidated if I had to swim them...

CW said...

Thanks for the Kudos Tony. And thanks for all your encouragement, tips, and friendship. Thanks to all my SCAQ teammates for helping me change my lifestyle to a healthy one. I look forward to many years of swimming with all of you!