Monday, May 11, 2009

Flowswimming's coverage of the 2009 'USMS Master SCY Nationals' was unsurpassed!

Rowdy Gaines in Lane 6; Paul Carter is in the mix too but the whole field is outclassed by Rowdy's experience and strength. Even though Rowdy's talent was simply overwhelming, how flattering it must have been for Paul Carter and the others to be in the same heat with Rowdy Gaines.

Rowdy stays so high in the water and his pull is just as strong as his leg strength. It is an amazing combination and it was all brought to us by Floswimming.

What Floswimming really nailed with the USMS Masters SCY Nationals coverage is that they caught the spirit and the exuberance of the meet rather than just focusing on the results and records. That is something very hard to capture as a journalist and/or a filmmaker.

It's my belief that the USMS and the Local Masters Swimming Committees across the country should seriously consider handing any and all filming rights of local swim meets to Floswimming. To do so would grow Masters swimming exponentially!!

You hit it out of the park, Garrett & Company! 300 foot mark!


Rob D said...

I think they did an awesome job. Even though I had half of my races filmed by friends it was still really interesting to see the other view from the floswimming videos. Really valuable for me to pick apart my races!

Ahelee said...

What did was film 1000+ races over the span of the National Championships.
Garrett, Chris, and Darren.

You would never know by listening that they were getting next to no sleep. And their enthusiasm for the event, the athletes, and the racing was brilliant!

Masters swimmers can support their efforts by tagging the race videos and interviews and then directing friends, family, and fanz to watch them!

All the Flo guys came out again early this morning for the open water championships as well. Many thanks to Flo for recognizing masters swimming and the accomplishments of it's athletes.

Trev said...

Tony, I just did some voiceover work on a short film/music video this weekend about swimming - and Floswimming has exclusive distribution rights for the first few weeks. Should be up on their site soon - they truly are first class people.

Tony Austin said...

Trev, you got a great voice; that is 60% of an actor's job is to be heard.

Chris DeSantis said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Tony I love your blog (I gave you a shout out in a blog last week).

Master's nationals was an absolute blast and we would love to be able to do more meets like it. My only regret is that we missed a few races. But nothing beats getting to call a Rowdy Gaines race and yell "HE DID IT!"

Tony Austin said...

I am really impressed with your dedication and what you have accomplished. No one has been able to duplicate it.