Thursday, June 25, 2009

Britta Stefen's WR in the 100 free and her suit comment soon thereafter!

Britta Steffen set a new WR in the 100-LCM free in a time of 52.85 at German Nationals. (Congratulations, Britta, the SCAQ Blog likes you. :-)

Soon thereafter she commented that the suit material her new Adidas Hydrofoil suit was made of would destroy the sport.

She had surpassed Libby Trickett's former WR by 3/100ths-of-a-second which is a really a small margin. Actually, it practically a tie.

I was recently beat during a 200-SCY freestyle relay that I was leading off in by SCAQ teammate, Dan Leonard, who beat me by 3-100ths-of-second as well.

I looked over at him like a bad boy as our hands were reaching for the wall and he beat me by only half-a-finger length. So over a 100-LCM race, Steffen, was half-a-finger-length faster than Tricket or simply just .42-seconds faster than her WR in Beijing before Trickett snatched it.

I don't see that sort of a time drop as a sure sign that the sport of swimming is going up in flames.

Since FINA is being so incompetent, Perhaps the athletes at large should just vote instead of the know-bests at FINA?

Let's have age-group swimmers, college swimmers, and here is a thought, let's have women swimmers vote too since not one woman had a say in the speedsuit votes in the first place. (Masters get to wear whatever we want. ;-P )

Reference to Britta's WR and comment, [Link]


Steve said...

The WR was set in the heats, I believe the final is on Friday night German time. Who knows how hard she took out the heat, we'll find out soon I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony:

I am pretty sure that Janet Evans was on the FINA swimsuit committee, but that fact flew quietly under the radar.

However, on her web of her corporate sponsors listed is...Speedo.


The Screaming Viking! said...

You are right, swimmers should vote on the most important poll in swimming history is on the right side of the page at this link.

Go there and make your voice heard!!

Tony Austin said...

Ok, I am sweating Steve. Hopefully she swims slower or once again I will look like a dork!

Viking I voted...

maly said...

britta just broke the wr in the final 52.56 : split 25.30- 27.26

maly said...

frederica peligrini broke the 400 free world record in 4:00.42
i put the video on my youtube channel dublincat

Tony Austin said...

I am doing a post on your Britta Steffen comment as I write. - I will post it, thank you for putting it upas always, you are very kind