Thursday, June 25, 2009

TYR swimmer, Amaury Leveaux, is probably the reason why TYR is ready to go to war with FINA.

Amaury Leveaux is threatening to boycott 2009 FINA World Championships in ROME. He feels that certain suit manufacturers have been denied the right to use the same material that their competitors use.

From Swim News:

"...Leveaux describes FINA's U-turn on its May 19 decision to ban all 100% polyurethane suits "completely incomprehensible ... on the limits of incompetence". He failed to understand how it was possible for FINA to accept an unmodified Jaked01 while other 100% poly suits had to be modified. "They started a process but they don't know where they're going."

From the TYR Press Release Iposted earlier today:

"...This revised ruling prevents our athletes from having access to our comparable technologies that TYR has developed and are similar, or the same, to those approved by others. Not only does this create an unlevel playing field, it also presents the possibility of athletes choosing not to compete in international competition until there is clarity. This would be an unfortunate detriment to our sport. ..."

Leveaux wants to wear the TYR Titan; simple as that. Phot author: Jmex60

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