Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FINIS has a new speedsuit called the 'Amphibian' and it looks boss!

This suit could be the American version of a cross between a Jaked and a LZR; perhaps even a superior version. TYR has the Titan but you can't buy it yet. Has anyone purchased an Amphibian or worn one? It's definitely on my radar.

Product Features:

  • Dual Fabric Composition
    • "Frog Skin" Polyurethane – Watertight and durable, the sleek and slippery fabric is built to last
    • Lightweight HydroSpeed Nylon/Lycra – 180gm "Scalex" compression fabric provides a comfortable fit without rubbing
  • Smart Compression Network
    • Uses 6 different tensile properties from 5 materials
    • Compresses and streamlines the body into the ideal swimming signature without sacrificing proper range of motion
    • Intelligent placement and panel design reduces excessive force at stitch lines, eliminating holes or split seams
  • Stabilizing Strips
    • Supports proper swimming posture and pinpoints key compression areas around the body
    • Stabilizes core muscles while supporting the chest, back, and leg positioning
  • Bonded Flat-lock Stitching
    • Creates a sleek and durable seam line
    • Intelligent placement reduces excessive force at stitch lines
  • Low Profile Zippers
    • Durable zippers positioned along upper-back and bottom of legs allow the suit to be easily put on and taken off
    • Zipper placement provides specific compression and support
  • Engineered Technology
    • Material specific panels, strips, and stitch-lines promote a balanced swimming position

Styles start at $199.99


Trev said...

Wow - looks boss, indeed. I'm sold.

Tony Austin said...

I have been meaning to write you. Hope all is well.

I wish I knew someone who had one.

Rob D said...

I saw this online last week. I thought it might be cool to try out, but I don't think they make it in a size that would work on me... oh well.

Anonymous said...

Well! They are now on sale with a fantastic 85% discount. Check finisinc.com. I just ordered mine. Can't wait to get it.