Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I woke up to this email message: "listen live to a world record open water swimming attempt by Ryan Lochte, Ian Crocker and Neil Walker!"

Steve Munatones dropped me a line this morning regarding the The Flowers Sea Swim which takes place in the Cayman Islands.

Per his post at 10KSimmer: "...Ryan Lochte and other Olympics gold medalists) are attempting to break the men's and women's world record for a one-mile open water swim, but the event is also giving away US$30,000 if the record is broken. ..."

You will be able to listen to the race via live radio coverage as well. Here are the details: [Link]


Charlie said...

The water in that picture looks amazing! God I would love to swim in conditions like that.

Tony Austin said...

Before I uploaded the photo, I toned down the color saturation -25% because the photographer cranked up so high.

The colors in the photos are a bit exaggerated so you know.

Charlie said...

Like CSI Miami! They make the water looking incredible.

Wendy said...

The water off Seven Mile Beach is pretty darned nice, though. I liken it to swimming in an aquarium -- lots of pretty fishes to distract you from sighting! ;-)