Monday, June 22, 2009

Kendyl Stewart goes "RAWR" at the 'TYR Swim Meet of Champions'

Kendyl Stewart is 14-years old and can swim faster than you; she also has a fan base. After swimming and winning in the 100-meter 'fly, four girls, about half her height, eagerly surrounded her and made her sign their kick-boards and swim caps. And get this, she didn't charge them $20 nor made them stand in line.

It was an extraordinarily nice thing to see. She is certainly a more worthwhile "idol" than Miley Cyrus or Chace Crawford.

Mark Savage took the photos above and I thank him very much. If you want to to post these photos on your blog, you may on the condition that you link to his sites:




Ahelee said...


Mark's photos are fantastic!
Great call to bring him out to the TYR Meet of Champions.

Even better that you brought yourself!

Thank you for covering some of these women swimmers who don't get a whole lot of press... and should!

Kendyl was SO impressive. What Jeff Pease has done down in San Diego with his North Coast Aquatics group should be noted. Thanks for doing it.

Tony Austin said...

Chloe Sutton goes up next! - I wanted to meet Jason Lezak too.

I have a new blogger policy: I will not interview any swimmer under the age of 18-years-old unless their parents are there and I will retouch images if I think there is a modesty for those swimmer under 18.

Also, I will only take photos of those swimmers under 18 if they are within 6-feet of the blocks, in the water, or on within the podium area.

If any parents want shots, then I will shoot whatever they want.