Monday, June 22, 2009

2009 TYR Swim Meet of Champions: My favorite race of the day, Chloe Sutton in the 1500-meter Free

Yes, Chloe Sutton is that beautiful, she is that strong and she is that gracious in victory.

Watching Chloe Sutton swim the 1500-meter free is a very unique experience. She is extraordinarily smooth and has a kick pattern that intrigued me. I did not notice it till she was 200 meters into the race. Here is what she does:

When she she is 15-to-20-meters from the wall, she begins a 6-beat kick; off her turn she continues kicking for the same 15-to-20-meters till he legs go soft and she adopts a two beat kick for the middle 10-to-20-meters of the pool. Then when she is 15-to-20-meters from the wall, the 6-beat kick turns on. That middle section is almost like a "rest-period."

She did this lap-after-lap.

Chloe was well received by the crowd.

Mark Savage took the photos above and I thank him very much. If you want to to post these photos on your blog, you may on the condition that you link to his sites:




Anonymous said...

Nice to read a blog from another Chloe fan. I overheard her race strategy in an interview. Her coach didn't want her to work too hard on that race..just to win it. She was supposed to work on her walls by kicking at each end of the pool and to relax in the middle. Her goal was to hold 1:07 Pace. She said it felt so good she went faster without trying. She also said she was not working too hard and can't wait to see what she can do when they decide it is time to go fast. Great article. As usual. Thanks

Tony Austin said...

Very valuable to know. I suddenly realized it and when I spotted her coach he was holding two fists in the air when she would pass. Her freestyle is really smooth.