Monday, June 22, 2009

Why the suits must stay! (Editorial)

1) Never in the history of swimming have there been so many multinational rivalries - the playing field has been leveled

2) Never in the history of swimming have there been as many televised swimming events both on cable and on the web

3) We have more than two major players now sponsoring meets and open water events - Speedsuit revenue generated these sponsorships

4) This isn't your grandpa's swimming any more and they have this new thingy called "goggles" too

5) Two words: snappy dressers! Just look at that handsome devil above taking flight in his manly TYR Tracer Light modesty suit!


m said...

1.) Equality between in the swimming world is not a function of suits: It is a function of the dissemination of swimming science. More and more coaches know more and more about the physiology of the sport, about the biomechanics, etc. A function of the internet age is that information is very easily transmitted for person to person and place to place.

2.) As to the popularity of the sport, Two words, one name: Michael Phelps. That is it, that is all.

3.) I will give you the sponsorship dollar point, at least at the top end of the sport. Question I have for you is will we loose athletes, once the "Phelps effect" wears off, because of costs?

4.) To my eyes, the athletes in the finals of major international meets look like clones. Black suits head to toe, silicone caps and goggles.

m said...

Oh, and the goggle thing, give me a break! Goggles have been around since 1975 and they don't cost $500.00 each.

Tony Austin said...

The equality wasn't really there in 2004 hence my point of view...

I think Michael Phelps may have erased himself as a viable spokesperson. his last sponsor H2O audio is no Kellog or Gatorade.

I respect your opinion though in my opinion swimming will grow and we at least have a benchmark to see which one of us is correct.

Swimmers really are not that expensive for swim companies.

B70 sponsored a lot of FINA open water events.

TYR sponsors meets and charities. They just gave away $420k would of equipment for inner city swim programs in L.A. just last weekend; Suits fund that stuff.

Athletes do look like anorexic penguins, I will give you that. ;-)

Tony Austin said...

1972, and they moved swimming forward. It was my "snarky" way of saying, technology is good, not bad.