Tuesday, June 23, 2009

'Professional Swim League' things to do list: Get a mission statement

I haven't forgotten about the Pro-League! We need one! The suit companies need one and I have been going all over creation talking to people regarding what they would like to see and how it should be produced. I am even looking into funding sources.

Funny thing is, everybody I talk to says, go see Mel Stewart! I will write him tomorrow.

First thing we need is a mission statement that is a true rallying point! Now, since I am not the center of infinity, I would like to get contributions from those of you interested and I will post them with your permission. Then, when one is worked out, I want to start a wiki page where all of us that want to contribute will find a way to make this happen. We will break into teams etc. , etc..

Here is an example of a mission statement:

On projects, there is, or should be, a “”. Such a “rallying point” could be related to achieving the central objective of the project. One project, years ago, which is quoted quite often, is the project that the United States undertook - at the direction of President John F. Kennedy - to land a man on the moon [and return him to earth safely]. The simple act of landing a man on the moon was the single, clear, stated objective – or “rallying point”. Whether it is some sort of mission statement or truly an objective, there does need to be a “rallying point” for a project that is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the shared goal of the team.

I will throw in the first idea but I am sure your ideas will be grander and more exciting: Create a professional team league that is overwhelmingly inspiring to watch, is tremendously suspenseful, and is an absolute visual spectacle on a wide-screen TV!

Using my mission statement as an example, a team or teams can break it down and work backwards as to how to create it.

As for funding sources, I am looking at Japanese Keirin Cycling which is a cross between horse racing and cycling. Instead of betting on horses, the fans bet on cyclists and with a "horse in the race, " the fans go nuts.

I am not a fan of gambling but they actually have vast numbers of people watching poorly dressed people playing poker on ESPN!

Though the "talent" involved are as charismatic as parking lot attendants at 3:00 AM in the morning, ESPN is making mad bank off of them. Swimming needs to tap into that easy-money, game-show ploy as well. It would also raise capital for the swimmers.

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Anonymous said...

My mission statement would be, "To make money doing something I love in my spare time."