Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Quis custodiet, ipsos custodes" - Who watches the watchmen?

Well, in FINA's case it could be Roland Schoeman but Roland would rather have it be we the swimmers!

This whole suit mess with FINA truly began when the suit selection process post Dubai was proven to be rigged.

This has become FINA's "Hurricane Katrina" and they have demonstrated in so many ways that they don't know what they are doing.

South African Olympian, Roland Schoeman feels "our" custodians at FINA need a custodian themselves. Roalnd feels that the particular custodian or watchman FINA needs should simply be us!

Glenn Mills sent this from Roland's FaceBook page:

FINA have until now exerted far too much control on the world of swimming. We as swimmers and the major attraction behind any national/international swim meet need to finally stand together and unite as one voice so that we can help control our sport.

Day in and day out decisions are being made for us by FINA, it is clear that our international representatives sitting on FINA's board are unable to make a significant impact and aid us.

I am trying to establish a swimmers association where we will gain back some power in the world of swimming. That we will have a greater say in matters of significance.

If you feel strongly about this please join this group. If not then feel free not to.

This is only a first step, after the group is established and we have enough support we can look at officially starting an association and getting further legal assistance.

-- Roland Schoeman

My take: Roland is not asking to replace FINA but rather make a lobbying group and/or a "watchdog" who, when witnessing incompetence in progress, can use its political will, voting power where applicable, and/or phone calls to sponsors or those who oversee the NGBs what they actually think about perceived incompetence or unethical behavior.

I am going to keep an eye on this since we as swimmers have no representation whatsoever over where swimming is heading. Note that it is the age-group parents, the swimmers at large, and the suit companies that give FINA as much as 2-million dollars per month to exist in the first place.

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The Screaming Viking! said...

It looks like FINA is starting to hear what the bloggers and commenters are saying. Please click the link and vote in the most important poll in swimming history (on the right side of the page.) The poll is open until january 1st 2010. Let FINA hear how you really feel about suits!!