Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'Go Swim Freestyle with Jason Lezak' is now available! - I suspect this will be the best selling swim technique video ever!

I have a metric ton of swim DVDs and I find that no matter how good the coaches are that are instructing or how good the swim talent is, what makes a swim technique DVD a valuable resource is how well the swim talent is filmed.

The vast majority of technique DVDs I own generally provide only two points-of-view: Front, and side. If the technique filming is exceptionally generous, they may film from a 3/4-view once in awhile but even that is not the norm.

Glenn Mills knows swimming and he has an eye for capturing it on video. This, Go Swim with Jason Lezak, trailer alone practically covers Jason Lezak, our finest 100-meter swimmer ever, from nearly 360-degree views.

I play the Go Swim: Freestyle with Kara Lynn Joyce video at least every other month and I am looking forward to adding this to my library.

Here is a link to the Go Swim with Jason Lezak page: [Link]

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Trev said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this!