Friday, July 10, 2009

Michael Phelps scratches in the 100-free!

Michael Phelps scratches in the 100-free and will not swim! Phelps sites a stiff neck he woke up with as the cause.

When asked for comment, Bob Bowman, said: "my bad, I ran out of WD-40!


Rob D said...

who has 2 thumbs and called this last week?

>this guy<

Tony Austin said...

Yes you did! - I think he should go back to his old program

TedBaker said...

Phelps is going to go the 100 on the relay. He'll lead it off in something off the hook, too.

He's a beast and he wants to sprint.

I'd put $50.00 down, today, on Phelps being the 100m free champion at London 2012.

Tony Austin said...

I will take that bet!!! Of course, if suits are outlawed, I retract.

Anonymous said...



Mark Savage