Friday, July 10, 2009

Suits worn in the women's 50-Free: Dara wears Jaked - Amanda wears the TYR - A7

Joan Rivers of Oscar night red carpet fame is at USA Swimming Nationals and she sent me this report form last nights woman's 50-free:

"...Dara Torres wins the 50-free in a time of 24:43 wearing a midnight black, Jaked 01, while incongruously accessorized with a Speedo cap and goggle set.

Amanda Weir placed second dressed elegantly in an A7 TYR accessorize by solely by TYR. Red carpet photographers were all over her.

(AP says Dara was wearing a Speedo LZR on Thursday but USA Today has a photo of her wearing a Jaked: [Link] )

Kidding aside, what does this tell us: TYR is quite "fluid" in bringing products to market whereas Speedo had to literally outsource their athletes to Jaked and Arena. This move by Speedo is a complete capitulation and explains the "burning bush" that both Alan Thompson and Mark Schubert saw when they decided to become "purists" rather than pro-LZR. Their conversion stinks of money if you ask me.

Amanda Weir, white courtesy telephone please: I'm sold, the TYR A7 is for sale now and I am buying one since Weir set a personal best, has now entered the top 20 of the fastest 50-free times ever and the A7 will match my SCAQ silicon black cap, or so says, Joan Rivers. ;-)

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